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Certification is the process of assessing a dental technician's knowledge and the applied skill level necessary to perform the tasks required of a dental technician. The skill standard, based upon this knowledge and applied skill, is the level required to perform successfully and is the baseline for certification testing. Once the dental technician successfully passes all three of the examinations, they are then considered a Certified Dental Technician and issued the CDT designation. For more information, see How to Become a CDT.

Students who graduate from a NBC recognized educational institution may choose to take a written examination and become Recognized Graduates (RGs). This exam must be taken within one year of graduation and allows RGs to waive the written comprehensive exam requirement as long as they earn their CDT within four years of graduation and keep their RG current. Depending on the educational institution from which a RG graduated, the education and experience requirement for CDT testing may be significantly reduced. For more information, see How to Become a RG.

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